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"Mooer" Mini Series Pedals

"Mooer" pedals are A-grade clones of every pedal from the Tubescreamer to the Phase-90, each of which features true-bypass and full-metal construction. Their...


Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

The iconic sound of every band from Slayer to Pantera to Meshuggah, no metalhead should be without this pedal (especially when run into the front-end of a Marshall...


Mooer Gem Multi FX Pedal

Containing every amp and effect you could possibly need (and a few you couldn't) with an onboard drum machine and expression pedal, this unit is capable of...


Boss Super Shifter

One of the most versatile pitch pedals available today, this pedal combines the sound of a Digitech Whammy with the tweakability of studio gear. Delivering chorus,...


Mooer Pogo Multi FX Unit

Portable and accessible, this unit contains a plethora of effects and sound models. Easy to carry in a pocket, simply plug in headphones and guitar and rock...



The original guitar sustainer system. Used by everyone from Opeth to Sigur Ros, Genesis to Radiohead, there are few guitar accessories that are as unique and timeless as this; even...


MXR Blue Box Octave Fuzz

This unassuming little box shovels out enough low frequencies to scare a blue whale. By adding fuzz and doubling your gutiar sound two octaves down you can use this...


MXR Dynacomp compressor

A classic compression pedal that needs no introduction. Simple controls for volume and tone bely the nuanced effect this pedal has on your playing. Simply put, a...


Ernie Ball VPJR Volume Pedal

Truly the most indispensable pedal on any guitarist's board, this smooth and durable pedal is a key ingredient in creating the perfect setup.



Mooer Firefly Pedalboard

The ultimate efficient pedalboard solution - five pedals in the space of a lunchbox. With a detachable suitcase lid, roadie-proof foam padding and integrated power...


Big Bottom Aphex Bass Aural Exciter.

Featuring balanced Di output and Aphex's patented circuitry.

Will transform any lack lustre bass tone.


HBE Tramp Tremolo/Preamp.

This USA hand built pedal combines a traditional tremolo effect with a preamp allowing level boost for solos.

Both tremolo and preamp are individually...


Home Brew Electronics UFO Ultimate Fuzz Octave.

USA hand built pedal with swichable vintage/modern mode.

The ultimate fuzz ocatve sound!


HBE Dos Mos.

Dual Mosfet pre-amp pedal, this unit allows individual switching of two pre-amps with dedicated volume controls and the option to combine each output.


Electro Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter

This is not a re-issue but an original 70s built USA made analogue phaser.

If wobble is your thing, it doesn't get any better.



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